USS Aurora Vulcanus

Do you enjoy creating characters to explore the galaxy?

Do you like role-playing in missions and stories?

The Interactive Fiction format gives many characters a way to interact on a ship wide level. It has an ongoing plot line where the writers depict what they are going in the frame of an Aurora Vulcanus mission or shore leave. Think of it as gaming by email. The Mission Coordinator manages the action by setting up the plot line, mission length, and time line to the activity. They are the master of the action, keeping things going, throwing in monkey wrenches. The writer submits his (trib) contribution detailing what is happening to their characters. The MC organizes and edits the material of all the writers in chapter format, printing it in the newsletter. Each chapter also includes information for the next writer’s installment and suggestions. If you do not feel you can author an entire story, this shorter method could be your style.

We also mail coupons to the US Naval base in Yokosuka, Japan as part of the Overseas Coupon Project.