Region 4 LogoWelcome to the home of Star Trek: Our Past, Present, and most importantly, Our Future. Region Four consists of chapters in Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and California.

We are the homebase of Star Trek and Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California. Southern California has also played host to scenes from every Star Trek series and movies, including Vasquez Rocks (TOS, “Arena”, TNG, “Darmok”), Griffith Park (various episodes of TNG, DS9 and Voyager) and the Japanese Garden (Starfleet Academy) located in the Woodley Avenue Park.

Star Trek IV was filmed mostly in San Francisco and at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but used the Will Rogers State Park in Los Angeles as Golden Gate Park for the ‘landing’ of the Klingon Bird of Prey.

California isn’t the only part of Region 4 used in the movies and the series. Sites near Las Vegas were used for Generations and the Titan Missile Museum near Tucson Arizona was used in Star Trek: First Contact.

Our most important contribution of Region 4 will be as the future home of Starfleet and Starfleet Academy in San Francisco California. Once again, welcome to Region 4, where your future begins!